Sensor Based Air Quality Measurement

Sailbri Cooper’s sensor technology provides a low cost air quality monitoring solution designed for accurate highly time resolved measurement of environmental pollutants. SCI’s sensors incorporate state of the art sensor technology enhanced with a machine learning calibration system and a convenient cloud based data acquisition system. The monitors have been extensively field tested, are rugged and easy to set up. Each sensor unit comes with its own solar panel for power with 12volt DC supply. Most can be mounted and begin acquiring data within minutes of setting up.

What would you like to measure?

Sensor Applications

  • Real time alternative to samplers
  • Smart Cities
  • Pollution Source Identification and locating
  • Traffic Pollution Monitoring
  • Industrial Fenceline Monitoring
  • Emergency Monitoring
  • Air Quality Model validation
  • Community based Monitoring
  • Wildfire smoke monitoring
  • Remote Location Monitoring
  • Pollution Migration Mapping