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Sailbri Cooper Inc. About Us

Sailbri Cooper Inc. (SCI) brings over 20 years of experience in the field of air monitoring instrumentation. SCI, specifically its Cooper Environmental Division, has been recognized as a leader in continuous metals monitoring through its use of automated energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence analysis modules to measure ambient air, stack effluent, and now water. SCI also brings a low-cost air quality monitoring solution to the market that has been designed for accuracy using time resolved measurements of environmental pollutants using a sensor-based system. SCI’s sensors incorporate state of the art sensor technology that have been enhanced with a machine learning calibration system and convenient cloud-based data acquisition platform.
As part of the SCI family, Sunset Laboratory, Inc. has pioneered the field of organic carbon and elemental carbon (OC-EC) aerosol analysis using a thermal-optical technique. Sunset’s OC-EC measurements have been used for ambient urban and rural area measurements, aviation, mining, construction sites, weather research, work environments, national parklands, forest fire plumes and sites of other unusual events.
Together, these companies are dedicated to developing unique and reliable measurement technologies to solve environmental, health and process control problems.